Neil Pritchett

Neil Pritchett
2016 CX-5

Congratulations and thank-you to Neil Pritchett, on the purchase of your new 2016 Mazda CX-5 GS AWD, from your Sales Consultant, John Cox, and all of us here at Kentville Mazda!

Other customers satisfied

Krista Pelletier
Congratulations to Krista Pelletier and her daughter Amber (hiding:) on the purchase of their beautiful Mazda3 GT, and to Dave on his first delivery! Thank you for your business Krista, and welcome to the clubhouse of driving passion!
Earl Morrice
From a 2014 to a 2016! Congratulations and thank you to Earl Morrice on the purchase of your new Mazda6 GT! On behalf of your Sales Consultant, Jeff Hamilton, and all of us here at Kentville Mazda, we thank you for your continued business and wish you all the best in your new GT!
Devon Welton
Congratulations to Devon Welton on the purchase of his 2013 MazdaSpeed3! Have fun zoom-zoomin' around the Valley from your Sales Consultant, Jason Rushton and all of us here at Kentville Mazda!
Congratulations Anita Whynot!
Peter, Thank you very much for all of your help, advice, and answering lots of my questions. I value your opinion which made it easier for me to make a decision about buying my car. Because of your exceptional customer service, as in the past, it will be a pleasure to drive an hour to have my...