Krista and Freda Martin

Krista and Freda Martin
2014 Mazda3

Congratulations to Krista and her Mom Freda on the purchase of their new Mazda3, from their Sales Consultant, Jim Dill and all of us at Kentville Mazda!        

Other customers satisfied

Craig Tumblin
Congratulations Craig Tumblin on the purchase of your new 2016 Mazda CX-5 GS! On behalf of your Sales Consultant, Jason Rushton and all of us at Kentville Mazda, we thank you for your continued business and loyalty Craig, and wish you all the best in your new CX-5!
Megan Noonan
"I finally came over to the dark side, and purchased a Mazda! My entire family drives them, but I was stubborn and wanted to be different! Well Sir, was I wrong! Should've went with a Mazda to start with! Can't wait to start driving my Mazda! :)" Thank you for your business Megan and enjoy...
Margaret and Cecil Bond
Congratulation to Margaret and Cecil Bond on the purchase of their next Mazda..this Mazda2! All the best and thank you from your Sales Consultant, Darell Rogers and all of us here at Kentville Mazda!